Louis Vuitton in Tokyo Station Hotel recently organized a party called ” eternal muse ” for the world to commemorate those women who bring unlimited inspiration . Kate Moss, Poppy Delevingne, Catherine Deneuve, Rinko Kikuchi , Ai Tominaga and Hidetoshi Nakata , who were invited to attend .
The “Eternal Muse ” party spotlight on the achievements of six extraordinary women who may be the classic French film star Catherine Deneuve, supermodel Kate Moss, film director Sofia Coppola, novelist Francoise Sagan, architect Charlotte Perriand and second French emperor Napoleon III ‘s wife Eugenie Empress Eugénie de Montijo . Those attending also included British socialite Poppy Delevingne, U.S. Vogue editor Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis, Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi , Japanese supermodel Ai Tominaga and Japanese soccer star Hidetoshi Nakata and so on. Which dressed in early spring series of Louis Vuitton2014 fluorescent green deep V -neck dress of Kate Moss looks sexy and classic , rather steal the spotlight . Rinko Kikuchi in the Louis Vuitton2013 Winter Fashion Dress series satin coat with marabou trim styling interpretation playful charm.
The party for Louis Vuitton for the public on Saturday and will begin three weeks of high-tech exhibition opened . Visitors will get a mask with the classic LV Monogram or Damier printing . Through the lens mask on , they can see the wonderful video from the seemingly innocuous white screen. Muses private brand items will also be on display in the exhibition , such as Catherine Deneuve jewelry box , Francoise Sagan notes in her book and two Marc Quinn Kate Moss inspired to complete the sculpture and so on.
“We have too much to let the props become the protagonist in the exhibition , in fact, should not be so . Historical protagonists are constantly exploring and adventurous women who , and this is precisely what we want to return , so this exhibition is to celebrate women who , instead of plane, train or car , “LV Chairman and CEO Michael Burke said. The exhibition also just completed renovations LV Matsuya department store in Tokyo’s Ginza flagship store after three weeks in which to re- launch the foundation .


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Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton 2013 winter long section of mixed colors red coat. This section strong glossy coat fabric, contrast stitching down two colors, highlighting the LV innovation this season, the big V-neck design highlights feminine neck line, fur add more grace extravagance, solemn yet glory.
Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton 2013 winter long section of the spell color coat. This section glossy coat and strong fabric, contrast stitching down two colors, highlighting the LV innovation this season, the big V-neck design highlights feminine neck line, yet solemn splendor.

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Google Android Vice President (Hugo Barra) recent media interview, said that within a few years, he expects there will be real-time universal translation tools.
Barak told the British “Times” interview, said that within a few years, he foresaw equipment (eg Andorid phone or something similar) will allow people all over the world, do not worry about any language problems.
Barak also spoke of a capability, real-time from one language into another language, this way, when people here call to speak English, the language will instantly into Portuguese, one could hear the other side understand.
In fact, Barak told the media, Google’s prototype device has been “almost” perfect realization of English, Portuguese translation between. Will be translated into Mandarin Chinese language does Jacques Alaska Egypt? Yes, but a bit difficult.
Bala said: “We have developed a number of prototype devices, they have such interactive features, I would play every other week to see how much progress it.” He said real-time translation is still in the early stage of research.
Speech recognition is still a big problem, Google claims that controlled environment (eg room, no background noise), its system could “close to 100% accurate.” However, if the area is close to transportation, or the handset microphone is not good, will go wrong.
Google already offers text translation websites every day of the 71 languages ​​translation between the amount of processing 1 billion.
If you really develop a tool that can real-time translation in various languages, in addition to significantly advance human civilization, business is also a great opportunity. Google can get unlimited data, which provide targeted ads to get revenue.
In fact, the study not only instantaneously translated Google. Israel also has a start-up company Lexifone conduct similar studies, it has not launched its services, and its goal is to provide real-time translation services for the phone, its service is very cheap, very accurate translation.

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Google in the United States organized by the new conference, officially released a new generation of Nexus 7 Tablet PC, Android 4.3 system, and TV stick product Chromecast. Nexus 7 which price $ 229, or about 1400 yuan.

Cheap Tablet blocking iPad

Flat compared to the previous generation, the new Nexus 7 in the configuration with a comprehensive upgrade, the resolution increased to 19,201,200, the screen color performance improved 30% compared to the previous generation. Portability, compared to the first generation of the thin plate thickness 2mm, weight is also reduced 50g, built-in 3950mAh high capacity battery, you can achieve up to 9 hours of HD video recording and 10 hours of web browsing. Software, the tablet uses the latest Android 4.3 system.

Google is trying to check from Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle Fire competition. Google side said, Android Tablet PC sales now account for almost half of the global market.

Earlier Apple released quarterly, in addition to its third-quarter iPhone, other products such as iPad sales are down, only the iPad mini performance is acceptable.

Nexus 7 by Google and ASUS to create a joint, 16GB version will sell for $ 229, 32GB version is priced at $ 269. In contrast, 16GB version of the iPad mini currently sells for $ 329, 32GB version is priced at $ 429.

At present, the domestic part of the electricity supplier website can already book Nexus 7, quoted in the 1400-1900 yuan.

Will be pushed to the mobile video on TV

In the living room captured on the battlefield, Google has stepped forward. According to Google introduced its TV Stick products Chromecast run a simplified version of Chrome OS, can be inserted in TV HDMI interface.

In the same WiFi environment, users can phone or tablet via Chromecast video playing on the TV push, and remotely control the volume, play, pause and other functions.
In addition, users can also Chromecast Chrome on a Windows laptop to push the browser interface on the TV and remote control. Google said the feature is still in the testing phase, but this means that in the future users will be able to easily push content from the web browser to the TV screen.

Currently the product is only available in the United States, the user has in Google App Store Google Play in the book, one to two days after the delivery. July 28 Chromecast electronic chain stores in the U.S. Best Buy listing.

Google to Chromecast pricing of only $ 35. Most of the current external Internet TV device priced at least $ 50 or more. Insiders said that Google is drawing NEXUS Q, ultra-low price, in order to obtain a wider range of applications.

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February 27 International reported on Friday local time, from the U.S. National Archives 100 record was released to movie on Google Video.
These elements are combined Google and the U.S. National Archives more content onto the Internet a joint program of the first results.

Google Video product manager Peter said, Google is the U.S. National Archives in batches of 114,000 movies and 37,000 video clips in the content as much as possible on the Internet.

He said that this is a huge history and knowledge, we want users around the world are able to see them.

For a long time, “not see the light” of the film digitization of information has been a few years time, but Google and the U.S. National Archives, a non-exclusive deal will be reached historical researchers, educators, film-making to provide vast amounts of information.

Peter said that all the information is in the public domain, which means that users will not have to pay royalties to use or viewing them.

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According to foreign media reports, Google on Tuesday admitted that the company had produced during an analyst meeting PPT document, which refers to the company in 2006 advertising revenue is expected to be $ 9.5 billion.
Google announced results expected to be unusual, because the company has always pursued does not provide sales and profit expectations strategy. Google submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said in a report, this accidental leak of the PPT document and can not be seen as the company’s earnings outlook. Which is not mentioned in the advertising revenues are expected to prepare for the analyst meeting, but for the beginning of the fourth quarter of last year, an internal product strategy presentation.

In any case, this document allows analysts the company’s future has been further understanding. The data shows, Google’s advertising revenue growth rate this year was 58%, compared with 92 per cent in 2005 a substantial decline. Of course, Google advertising slowed down is not unexpected. Analysts had expected, Google’s advertising revenue this year was $ 7.9 billion to $ 11 billion; Google’s chief financial officer also said last week, as “massive Law”, the company’s advertising revenue growth rate will slow. In accordance with the statistical point of view, as the number increases, the growth rate will slow down, which is “massive Law.”

Affected by this news, Google shares fell Wednesday on the Nasdaq $ 10.57, to close at $ 353.88, down 2.9%. Over the past five weeks, Google’s stock has suffered three combat. Google shares fall led to bad news are: high tax rates in fourth-quarter earnings failed to meet expectations; chief financial officer, said the core business growth rate will slow down; well as the accidental leakage of the PPT file display Google worrying margins this year . Since January 11 this year, the high point of $ 475.11 reached since, Google shares have fallen 26 percent.

Since Google has brought many problems to investors, analysts have questioned the prospects for its stock. Citigroup analyst Mark – Mahaney (Mark Mahaney) said on Wednesday: “Google miscommunication results as expected, will give its stock a negative impact on investment prospects.” Oppenheimer analyst Sasha – Zha Luo Abramovich ( Sasa Zorovic) also said, Goolge recent series of initiatives to increase the risk of holding their shares. Goldman Sachs analyst Anthony – Noto (Anthony Noto) will be cut this year’s earnings expectations of Google, Google this year, he expects earnings per share of $ 8.87, lower than previously expected 14%.

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USA Today Flipboard social news application service interruptions, which is from Google on July 1 to close its Google Reader RSS reader service that have occurred since the second failure. U.S. tech blog TheNextWeb that a large number of user data from Google Reader into the surge may cause the malfunction Flipboard.

Twitter users according to a report released by fault messages to count, Flipboard service interruptions occur in the western United States time at 8:43 on July 4. After a fault occurs, Flipboard users find both unable to load Subscribe news source, it can not search for or create a magazine, or even associated with sharing features such as Twitter and Instagram also stopped working.

Flipboard subsequently acknowledged the service interruption, and said his team is working to solve the problem, and promised users or magazine subscription data is not lost.

The trouble with Flipboard took place earlier this week, the first fault situation is different from that failure is trying Flipboard Google migrated feeds into their own services and cause, occurs in Google Reader after the closure of one hour or so.

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Factors, due to the Christmas and New Year holidays last month, last week, a total of 17.4 million Android and iOS devices activated capacity of 328 million application downloads. This further promote Google Paly platform active.

Google App Store predecessor Android Market (Android Market) in March last year changed its name to Google Play, and the interface has also been redesigned. 2008, Google application store was launched a year later, the application number 16000; October 2010, the number of applications in the market exceeded 100,000, the first important milestone; last October, and its application The volume exceeded 700,000.

Currently, Google Play application has been downloaded more than 25 billion times.

Sociable expected, in accordance with the the Google Play application of the current growth rate, the number of applications will be available in April this year reached 900,000, will exceed 100 million by June.

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GoogleService will update its previously announced terms of use privacy and informed individually by e-mail in the near future users, but also related perception that Google’s move will affect the user may be more likely to own privacy, but Google has also come out against this explanation, and will not be sold repeatedly to ensure that users’ personal privacy, and provide a complete control program.

GOOGLE is the official statement to the provisions of the content to make a more streamlined, easy to understand, and will be connected with your Google Account linked data integration services for users. And because of this adjustment, so many people think that Google’s move will affect the user’s personal privacy, then the United States Congress began to focus on the matter.

For this case, Google is currently the official clarification, mainly reiterated that the user will not sell personal information, and ensure that the information of the occult, in addition also shows that even without a Google account login, users can still maintain the use of search, enjoy online YouTube videos or Google Maps and other online services, while controlling for some privacy, Google also provides personal settings to keep the project, allowing users to control the exposure of personal privacy, and do not want to see settingsAdvertisingContent, other users’ personal information will not be sold to cooperative advertising companies.

And Google also shows the new Terms of Use Privacy in March 1, 2012 officially launched, and re-emphasized to maintain users’ personal privacy is the highest official principle, but if the user is still not assured, but also can be turned off by the official provided personal Google account, and retrieve the contents of all personal information.

For the U.S. Congress made amendments to its privacy policy challenge,GoogleRecently sent a letter to Congress a 13-page letter, can be summarized in one sentence: “We still do not be evil.”

Google’s long letter to this can be summarized as the following five points:

Point 1: Google, as always, will not sell your personal data

Google mentioned several times in the letter to stakeholders that it will not sell your personal data. For example, Google said, “We do not sell user data”, “We will not sell user information”, “Google will not sell, trade or rent personally identifiable user information.”

In other words, even though Google to track users and to provide long-term use of high frequency according to the search keywords release of targeted advertising, but Google that it will not sell to third-party advertisers personal information, so users do not have to worry about their preferences by advertising company informed.

Point 2: If involved in phishing attacks, users are still at risk

U.S. lawmakers cited the White House staff Gmail account last year’s event was attacked, questioned whether Google has taken new security measures to prevent the sharing in Gmail mailbox,Search engineAnd YouTubeVideo siteThe information was leaked, Google’s answer is: “unlikely.”

In other words, if the user’s Gmail account was phishing attacks, but the user did not enable Google’s two-step certification tools, then it is possible hacker access to Gmail information can also invade the entire Google account. In other words, if you Gmail inbox search terms based on frequent advertisement published, then the hacker most likely know your search history, and then get Google + and YouTube accounts.

Point 3: The user can still Google unknowingly use to search Google and YouTube

Google’s new privacy policy to face one of the main criticisms is that many users do not want to see appear in your Gmail inbox in over Google and YouTube search ads. Google said users only need to search for mail out of Gmail before you can solve this problem.

Google said in the letter: “Only after the user logs in Google account information will be associated with specific users if the user uses two different Google accounts, such as an account for work and private life for an account, then Google does not will use the information to one account associated with another account. ”

Point 4: The network tracking, users still have enough choice

If you want to search anonymously, not only out of Gmail account, you can also take the privacy of other control measures, such as the user can turn off search history, the use of advertising priorities Manager (Ads Preference Manager) in the search results and do not want to stop your inbox see the ads, you can also use the Google Dashboard stored in the information Google account to edit.

Google also pointed out that after the implementation of the new privacy policy, the user’s privacy controls will not change, that is, as long as the current user’s search history is turned off, Google does not automatically turn on this feature.

Point 5: If you do not like the new policy, the user can abandon Google

Although Google does not want to see this, but it recognizes that the user is still disgruntled one of the options. There are many search engine marketing, e-mail clients and social networks, no one is forcing users to use Gmail or Google +. If you do not wish to use Google services, simply delete the Google account and use Google’s “Data Release” (Data Liberation) website e-mail all your personal information.

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Things have from the “words do not fly” in the global PC industry leader Hewlett-Packard to start.

August 23, 2011, in the reported sales and profit forecast lower than expected, HP has been used to represent this star of the U.S. Silicon Valley company announced its intention to spin off its PC business.

The news came out, the industry outcry. You know, in the last fiscal year, PC business to Hewlett-Packard contributed $ 40.74 billion in revenue, the company which is equivalent to about one third of total revenue. Data show that in 2008 global notebook output of 1.6 million units in 2011 has grown to 300 million units.

U.S. CNET columnist Brooke Crothers wrote: “HP abandon the PC business, as is the world’s fast-food giant McDonald’s do not sell hamburgers, or the U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing and Airbus compete for tired and leave its aircraft manufacturing business in general not unusual. ”

So, what causes led to a major enterprise PC business income depends actually considering selling the business?

In accordance with normal business logic, not a world leader in the field of vendors willing to withdraw from the market because of its leading position generally have considerable profitability, and this leader is spending billions of dollars more than the cost to obtained.

This also led to the stand for the Hewlett-Packard, the market response is completely one-sided: only 20% of HP’s stock price fell, the sound also followed a variety of questions: What is HP’s sleeve medicine? PC industry in crisis? If it split , who will take over? Dell or Lenovo, or Samsung?

Prior to spin-off linked to the IBM PC hardware and dedicated software and services, do not know the true intentions and the future of HP’s strategic situation, “ton output capacity” was once used to describe the move and follow the example of Hewlett-Packard IBM has long been considered the principles of HP’s strategy formulation one.

However, in the outside world is not completely clear case of HP’s true intentions, just a week later, HP actually has “go back on.”

August 25, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced his resignation after the micro-Bo on a widely circulated video , HP vice president, China including Hong Kong General Manager Zhang Yongli Group, HP’s external clarify some of the market HP might not sound correct expression of the purpose of this strategic transformation, suggesting that HP will continue to focus on the PC business. About a month later, CNBC, according to foreign media reports, Hewlett-Packard Chairman Ray Rhine (Ray Lane) local time on Friday in an interview made ​​it clear that: “We do not intend to exit the PC market.”

This is strange, why the same company, even a short time two distinct voices emerge? Microblogging is that someone says to him: the authors is that Steve Jobs left the news, Hewlett-Packard “undo” a?

Undo may be exaggerated, says Steve Jobs of Apple for HP to create the threat posed by the past two years, Apple, with its excellent product performance hurricane, but the HP rely on the traditional basis of the PC world, but also achieve significant growth.

So where is the problem in the end? According to the author’s speculation, there is only one possible, that is inconsistent sound HP, in fact, are their true thoughts. To put it plainly, HP would like as soon as possible from the PC industry on the one hand, the other brings out the PC industry did not want to. If this is not well understood, OK, this is like the film industry after the year 2000, the film market continues strong growth, but wound up in the technical and functional aspects are also a bit rough crappy digital camera, although there is no growth film fast, but the film has the death sentence is not important and objective short-term profit growth, but long-term outcome.

Outcome is well known that less than 5 years, film industry leader Kodak, Fuji digital camera in the face of total defeat. Although today Fuji still exist, but their main business is not the film as early as after the revolution and positive self-transformation, Fuji the medical life sciences, high-performance materials, optical components, electronic imaging, document processing and printing as a new direction. His old rival Kodak, the film stick to the slow transformation, are living together with the film itself, which has gradually become a touch of history memories. According to media reports, 97% six years evaporated, leaving only the market value of Kodak is now $ 190 million in market capitalization, deplorable, desolate.

Do not pull too far back to our first topic, if the film industry than for the PC industry, then the present is concerned, that is, ten years ago, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak, Dell is Fuji, Lenovo is Lucky. This view HP’s inconsistent, “tangle psychological” probably will be better understood and more.

That being the case, for the PC industry, who is the elimination of film digital camera do?

The answer is a smart phone, the jargon is called mobile Internet terminal equipment.

Since it is one, then surely there are other. Prior to the Jobs, PC is undoubtedly the leader in the Internet terminal device, because both the technical maturity, stability and performance, in particular, the search function of the whole preparation of the information, integrate information, send and receive information, and editing information, etc. from every aspect, PC is the ability of this era’s best Internet information carrier.

However, the “living will change the world” Joe closer to lead Apple to fulfill the goal of his life, he used to iPhone, iPad, represented by a series of excellent products, a declaration of fact: the world belongs to the PC, but also belongs to the Tablet PC, but the world is ultimately part of the smart phone.

This is under a lot of people do not agree, and obviously Lenovo, Dell’s future growth space for the PC promises, although the boss HP entangled, but not still remains with the Chongqing Municipal Government signed a 20 million annual export laptop settled agreement?

In this regard, the Internet software giant Microsoft seems to be the attitude clear: even behind the PC!

Microsoft’s public relations director Frank Kershaw said recently: “Recently I saw a lot of media” post-PC “view of the resurgence of the current, the content creation work is, PC is still the best implementation tool. In addition to Beyond this, the content consumer and communications and other areas of obvious advantages Tablet PC, PC is also doing a better job. ”

For Microsoft, this argument, the Lenovo PC business last quarter on the “rich harvest” seems to be corroborated. While the other PC industry heavyweights Dell’s CEO has also been given support: “Good-bye, Hewlett-Packard for you do not want to stay in the PC world I regret that, but we will do better.”

So, I found what the world is ultimately a part of the smart phone for?

Look at a set of data, the results so that everyone was shocked! (Foreign body, an Internet statistics compiled some representative of the statistical data, and analysis to the public the day, people use different types of equipment for Internet access time distribution.)

The original, as a general get up from 6 am to 10 pm to sleep, most people close to ten hour day will frequently use terminal equipment (desktops and notebooks, PAD and other types of tablet PCs, smart phones) to access Internet, in which ten hours of which, most desktop and notebook less than 4 hours and increasing downward trend, while the Tablet PC and smart phone mobile terminal device, the 4 to 6 hours, and on the rise.

The results seem surprising, but actually not that difficult to understand. Comparison can be placed in bed and kitchen table, can be put into the pocket and in any place in the environment are free to use (bus or subway trains and other transport aircraft, lying in bed or sitting on the kitchen table) to access the Internet smart phones, PC appears to formal and rigid, fixed and bulky.

If the hardware aspects of the smart phone purely human, and not entirely caused by a powerful PC to death, after all, for office workers, there are at least five hours a day is spent sitting at his desk. However, as microblogging and the rise of social networking sites, similar to the iPhone is more adept and adapt to these software applications and services, smart phone, its re-interpretation of the mobile Internet terminal equipment, is with the real “anytime, anywhere with the nature of the” Access Internet and processing, exchange information and let the PC makers are alarmed.

Another factor is the PC’s own “commercialization.” Today’s notebook computers on a technical level, though more as the year of color television technology advances, but the technological advances brought about by declining premium profits, the overall commodity prices are falling.

According to IDC statistics show that increasingly the traditional weak PC sales growth, second quarter 2011, an increase of only 2.6% of the PC. Intense competition has squeezed the PC manufacturer’s price and profit margins. Manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard’s PC business profit margin is only 2-6%, while Apple’s Mac computers are up to 14% profit margin to 17%. But even if the Mac has a much higher than traditional PC profit margins, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is still in the June 2011 meeting of WDDC publicly stated: “We will put the secondary PC and Mac’s position. ”

So, what is the main location? The answer is obvious, Jobs placed in the main position, and will not be anything else, is certainly smart phones.

A lot of market research shows that the Apple iPhone and iPad as the representative of smart phones, tablet computers, a new generation of mobile Internet terminal device is attracting more and more consumers, leading consumers to give up these notebooks, which makes the PC business lost a major driving force. Apple in June of this year’s earnings conference call on that in the “Fortune” 500 companies, 91% of companies have adopted or are testing the iPhone, 86% of enterprises are using or testing the iPad. And it is this trend may be the Hewlett-Packard decided to exit the PC business a key factor.

Just think, if the technical and functional level, the smart phone just tied the PC according to the current technology trends and speed do not have to achieve this goal may, in time, then think about a decade ago began trying to contact people from the digital camera, to the final because the “experience” and the film quickly and completely give up the time machine, perhaps a good understanding of livelihood for their own HP PC, for the Ru this tangle.

More straightforward to say, PC is still strong growth, but it is dying.

Therefore, from the perspective of the development of mobile Internet, Jobs with smart phones and tablet PCs not only leather Motorola, Nokia and other handset manufacturers of traditional life, but also give HP as the representative of the traditional PC-makers sounded the alarm . HP clearly see this fact, for HP, IBM to a thorough study of business strategy transformation is not entirely impossible, but then again, PC industry is also a strong period of rise, their main income from a PC and also have to in the end not to continue the development of the PC industry, may really bad decision.

Another fact is, back in 2002, as IBM CEO Sam Palmisano had predicted: “PC era will be gone, the future will be the sensors and smart phone world.”

Of course, Steve Jobs-led revolution is clearly not yet complete. Represented by the iPhone and iPad tablet computers, smart phones and the Internet, mobile devices, the positioning is more a part of the PC blend of functionality (browse the Internet, instant messaging, e-mail, games, entertainment, etc.) which is different from traditional phones (core the communications function), and through the perfect combination of hardware and software, and ultimately a premium product.

So, really you can completely replace the PC smart phones who are most likely to come from hands?

The answer is Google.

HP on the development in the PC industry, “gone back” about a week ago, August 15, 2011, the Internet search company Google astronomical price of $ 12.5 billion acquisition of the famous mobile company Motorola, which has led up to half the world’s mobile communications industry for centuries.

While the industry and even Google CEO Pei Liqi I claim to be “as many as 17,000 to Motorola’s acquisition of patents,” but I always doubt my heart: Google to buy the entire Motorola mobile, and this is a great dilemma of being caught a long history of large companies, are Google only saw 17,000 patents, while not considered likely to make itself into a big company’s difficulties, and even affect Google’s own development of the strategic risk? For the latter, Google if there is no clear considerations and ideas, so this acquisition, no matter how lucrative patent, but that is only short-sighted and immediate, more can not be called clever.

September 16, 2011, held in Beijing “2011 China Innovative Marketing Google Forum”, I overheard a few words, a few figures, eyes suddenly light up.

Day, refined appearance of Google’s global vice president John Liu, in his speech, he stated: “In the mobile Internet era, information become increasingly flat, with the phone, PAD and other growing mobile intelligent terminal, the user is no longer a single contact, Therefore, the dependence on the PC continues to weaken. ”

And iResearch is co-president and COO Ruanjing Wen said, China’s Internet penetration rate of over 40%, more than 500 million Internet users, preliminary statistics 2011 more than 530 million Internet users here, of course, refers to a person with a PC, Internet, Ruan Jingwen Then said, China is using the phone number to reach nearly 10 million, with the popularization of smart phones, more and more Internet users are using mobile phones rather than PC Internet browsing and retrieval of information.

Obviously, in the patents, this for Google to provide Internet search services and information companies, are willing to spend $ 12.5 billion price is another important reason is: the layout through the purchase of Motorola mobile to mobile Internet terminals, so as to the future of Internet users in the choice of terminal equipment by the PC to the Tablet PC and smart phones ahead of the layout.

Google phone look like it?

Google’s a publicity booklet, tells the user holding a Google phone, you can Google a variety of Internet products and services to meet from 6:00 up to 23:00 pm during sleep, all the information needed.

Clearly, the Google phone is built in, providing a complete living information solutions, this idea is not only than the iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices as the Internet all the functionality and leading, and as truly a “people together with the equipment an “anytime, anywhere that is free to use the Internet and eventually replace PC.

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